Complete Guide to the Best 3D Printer under $2,000 in 2017

For those of us with an interest in 3D printing, there’s a wide variety of printers available and it can be hard to pick out the one that best suits your need. The great part about this technology is how quickly it’s becoming popular and cheaper. If you’re looking for the best 3D printer under 2000, you’re in the right place.

best 3d printer under 2000

Even as shortly as half a decade ago, the idea of purchasing a solid, high-quality 3D printer for this kind of price seemed almost impossible. Thankfully, due to advances in the technology, there are plenty of amazing consumer-priced printers out there that can perform amazing tasks for you.

Most of these printers will still be FDM-type, meaning they’ll lay down thin layers of material on top of each other. The resolution of these printers is measured in microns(µm), with thinner layers allowing for more detail.

At this level of price, you can expect a pretty wide variation of printers, from stand-alone models suitable for pretty much anyone with some basic computer knowledge, to extremely advanced models with a huge range of customization in materials and operations.

So let’s take a look at some of these great devices, and we’ll see if we can’t help you find the best 3D printer under 2000. One of them is sure to meet the needs of any would-be maker, and with a wise purchase, you’ll be able to get something which lasts for years and allows you to complete the projects of your dreams.

Best 3D Printer Under 2000 Comparison Table



Build Volume (mm)


Star Rating

MakerGear M2

MakerGear M2



Dremel Idea Builder

Dremel Idea Builder




LulzBot Mini



Zortrax M200

Zortrax M200



artifex 2 all metal kit

Artifex 2 All Metal



The build volumes on these are larger than the best under 300 and best under 500 3D printers.  The quality and types of prints you can produce is also improving as you go up the price scale.  Here is a more extensive breakdown of the best 3D printer under 2000.

The 5 Best 3D Printers Under 2000

1. MakerGear M2

makergear M2

The Maker Gear M2 is a 3D printer that might require a bit of know-how, but if you’ve got it you’ll rapidly find it’s one of the best FDM printers on the market even a year after it release. It’s extremely solid, with a high-quality steel frame and is able to work with a lot of different materials right out of the box.

It has a large build area at 8”x10”x8” and is completely open-source so you can use whichever software suits your fancy. For someone with a little bit of a technical background, the MakerGear M2 stands head and shoulders above most of the competition.

2. Dremel Idea Builder

dremel idea builder

Dremel is known for producing high-quality tools, and their line of 3D printers is no exception. It has wi-fi connectivity and even 4gb of internal storage for those objects you may want to make again and again. It appears that Dremel listened to and addressed the issues with their first model, making this one a true 2.0!

It comes with great software and all of the tools you might need to work on the printer itself n the case of clogs or any other issues. Once you add in a one-year, comprehensive warranty, you have a 3D printer that’s impressive, protected and easy-to-use.

3. LulzBot Mini

lulzbot mini

LulzBot makes some of the best 3D printers on the market, but they’re generally quite expensive. This one comes in at under $2000 and is perfect for those who want a high-quality 3D printer for smaller objects. While it doesn’t have a massive building area, it does have a number of features which set it apart from the competition.

The coolest of these is that the build-plate is self-cleaning. It supports almost any 3D printer software you can think of as well, making it a versatile machine for anyone who wants to make smaller 3D objects. It’s capable of printing with a wide variety of materials as well, making this one a winner.

The LulzBot Mini is the cheapest 3D printer on our best under $2,000 list and could almost quality for our best 3D printer under 1000.....it still could one day, keep checking in for sales.​

4. Zortrax M200

Zortrax M200

The Zortrax M200 3D printer is a great plug-and-play printer that will require minimal hassle on the user’s part. It’s suitable for pretty much anyone, even those with no technical inclinations. The system is fully integrated so that it prints with amazing accuracy and repeatability.

The only real issue with it is that the auto-leveling on the printing plate can sometimes take a little while longer than expected.

If you’re looking for the best 3D printer under $2000 for people with no prior experience, this fabulous device from Zortax delivers. It comes highly recommended for those who are completely new to the 3D printing world.

5. Artifex 2 All Metal

artifex 2 all metal kit

The Artifex 2 is more suited for advanced users of 3D printers, but those who have the skill to use one or the want to learn are sure to be impressed. You’ll find that it produces high-quality prints every time, and with an impressive resolution of 50µm, you can pack in amazing amounts of detail into every piece.

Even better, it comes fully assembled, with a high-quality, CNC designed metal parts to make sure that it lasts for a long time. It can reach impressive temperatures as well, allowing you to use a huge variety of materials as you produce your prints.

We hope we’ve led you in the right direction to find the 3D printer which best suits you. Makers have a variety of different goals and levels of technical aptitude, so it can be important to make sure that your purchase is exactly what you need the first time.

If you’re new to 3D printing, you’ll probably want to select one of the stand-alone, plug-and-play type printers. These will allow you to quickly begin printing with a minimal amount of fuss, making the whole experience a lot smoother. The Zortax M200 comes in as one of the best of its class in this regard.

For those with the technical know-how, the MakerGear M2 is a solid product with a long history for this type of technology. It’s been out for over a year and still impresses makers all over the world, it’s well-engineered and exactly the thing for someone who wants a printer that isn’t going to be obsolete quickly.

3D printing can be educational, utilitarian, or even just a lot of fun and with a little bit of an investment, you can receive a device which will last for years to come and allow you to complete projects in your home you would never have dreamed possible.

Why not make the investment today? For less than $2000 you can make an incredible amount of things happen.

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